Pune: MIT ADT sign’s MoU with 75+ companies

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Pune, 13th December 2023: In the current education system, we are making supply more than demand. That is why the unemployment rate seems to have increased in the market. But now, by adopting the new education system, students should be given entrepreneurship education with research and innovation.

This will not only provide scope for students’ innovation, but also encourage their entrepreneurship, solve the problem of unemployment and contribute to the progress of the country, Prof. Dr. Mangesh Karad, Vice-Chancellor and Working President of MIT ADT University expressed his opinion.

He was speaking on the occasion of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) program organized by MIT University of Art, Design and Technology, Vishwarajbagh, Pune with more than 75 renowned companies operating in various fields. On this occasion Prof. Dr. Sunita Karad, Prof. Vice-Chancellor Dr. along with representatives of companies. Mohit Dubey, Dr. Virendra Shete and other dignitaries were present.

Prof. Dr. Karad further said that, in the New Education Policy (NEP), research and entrepreneurship among students has been mainly emphasized. Even before NEP was announced across the country, MIT ADT University has implemented courses focusing on research and entrepreneurship. The work of promoting research qualities among students is done through the University through CREYA and various activities. The university has already signed agreements with companies like Tata Motors, Apple. As the next step, today we are entering into an agreement with more than 75 companies. Which will be of great benefit to our students.

On this occasion, Prof. Dr. Sunita Karad also expressed her thoughts. She said, while the population of the country is growing rapidly, the number of educated unemployed people is also increasing. Therefore, along with traditional education, imparting skill-based education to students has become the need of the time. As part of his effort, we approached reputed companies across the country for collaboration, to which more than 75 companies responded positively. She also added that MIT ADT has produced many entrepreneurs in the past and today’s deals will definitely add more to that.

Dr. Shete introduced the program, which started with lamp lighting and prayer for world peace, while Dr. Sudhakar Sanap gave the vote of thanks.