Pune: MLA Siddharth Shirole Advocates Opening Government Grounds for Citizens’ Exercise and Children’s Play

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Shivaji Nagar, 15th December 2023: MLA Siddharth Shirole has put forth a compelling suggestion in the winter session of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, urging the government to open up grounds within city institutions for citizens’ exercise and children’s recreational activities. The demand addresses the current restrictions on accessing government-owned spaces and highlights the need for increased public spaces for physical activities in Pune.

Representing the Shivaji Nagar Constituency, MLA Siddharth Shirole emphasized the importance of utilizing the grounds within government institutions, such as the College of Agriculture, Pune, Police Ground, College Of Engineering Pune, Industrial Training Institute, Aundh, and Government Polytechnic, Pune, for the benefit of the citizens. He pointed out the denial of permission for citizens to use these grounds for exercise, creating a shortage of open spaces in Pune, particularly for its senior residents.

MLA Shirole highlighted the scarcity of grounds available to citizens in Pune, emphasizing that even if citizens are not permitted to use government grounds, it leaves them with limited options for physical activities. The lack of movement facilities contributes to health problems, a concern that is particularly pronounced among senior citizens. The MLA emphasized the need for accessible spaces for exercise to address this health issue.

Recognizing the significance of sports for children’s physical development, Shirole stressed the necessity of providing grounds for their recreational activities. With limited open spaces in Pune, children are currently facing challenges in engaging in physical activities, impacting their overall well-being.

MLA Shirole urged the government to reconsider the restrictions on citizens using the grounds within government institutions. His proposal aims to make these spaces available for citizens of all ages, promoting a healthier lifestyle and addressing the concerns of the community, especially senior citizens and children.