Pune MP Murlidhar Mohol Reviews Key Development Projects for City’s Future

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Reported by Tikam Shekhawat

Pune, 9th July 2024: Pune MP Murlidhar Mohol conducted a detailed review of several crucial development projects for Pune City during a meeting held at the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) yesterday. The meeting included Municipal Commissioner Rajendra Bhosle and Heads of Departments.

Mohol emphasized the importance of the river improvement and river revitalization project, aimed at transforming the Mula-Mutha River. “The river improvement and river revitalization project, which will change the shape of the Mula-Mutha river in Pune, is underway, and there was a discussion about speeding it up,” he stated.

He also reviewed the 24×7 uniform water supply scheme, designed to ensure a consistent drinking water supply for Pune city for the next 50 years. Mohol provided suggestions to expedite the completion of these works and gathered information about the ongoing and proposed flyover projects in Pune.

Significantly, Mohol highlighted the acquisition of a special fund of ₹200 crores from the state government for flood management. He reviewed the planned works financed by this fund, including the construction of protection walls for the Ambil stream, emphasizing the importance of completing these projects on time.

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Regarding infrastructure projects, Mohol noted that the flyover on Sinhagad Road is in its final stages and urged for its swift completion. Additionally, he reviewed the progress of the bridge over the Mutha River, which will connect Karve Nagar to Sinhagad Road.