Pune-Mumbai Expressway Implements Highway Traffic Management System for Speed Control, 370 CCTV Cameras To Installed

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Pune, 28th May 2023: The implementation of the Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS) has commenced on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway, aiming to regulate vehicle speed and enhance safety. The ongoing works are expected to be completed by September, enabling control over the speed of vehicles traveling on this busy highway.

As part of the project, 370 CCTV cameras will be installed at 93 locations along the entire route, facilitating efficient monitoring and prompt action against lane violations and reckless driving.

The Maharashtra state government’s decision to introduce the HTMS system stems from the need to address the rising number of accidents caused by excessive speed on expressways. The system will utilize checkpoints placed at regular intervals of approximately four kilometers to monitor and enforce speed limits. Furthermore, special measures will be implemented to address challenges posed by the presence of bends, inclines, waterfalls, and other scenic spots that often lead to vehicles stopping on the roadside. These unplanned stops have resulted in traffic congestion and increased the risk of accidents. To tackle this issue, the IRB company has proposed establishing designated stopping points along the highway, with a proposal awaiting approval from the state government. Once approved, these stops will be implemented as part of the infrastructure project.

Rahul Vasaikar, Superintending Engineer at the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC), emphasized the progress made in the HTMS implementation, stating, “We have commenced the works for the HTMS system as per the state government’s directive to enhance traffic safety on the Pune-Mumbai highway. CCTV cameras and speed monitoring devices are being installed at regular intervals, and we have already completed 40% of the project. Our goal is to finish the remaining works by September 1. Currently, the traffic police, highway officials, and employees are taking action against unruly drivers. Measures are also being enforced against vehicles that stop at scenic spots and along the ghat road. The IRB company has proposed vehicle stops under the infrastructure project, and we are awaiting approval from the state government. Once received, we will initiate further works accordingly.”

The implementation of the HTMS system and the installation of CCTV cameras along the Pune-Mumbai Expressway are significant steps toward enhancing traffic management and safety. By effectively controlling vehicle speed and promptly addressing lane violations, these measures aim to reduce accidents and ensure a smoother flow of traffic.


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