Pune Municipal Corporation Cracks Down on Road Excavation Quality and Timeliness

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Pune, 19th March 2024: The ongoing road excavation works in various parts of Pune city have caused significant inconvenience to citizens. The completion and quality of these works, along with the restoration of the roads post-excavation, will now be scrutinized by officials from the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). Any damages found will result in punitive measures against officials from the Water Supply and Pumping Department, Drainage, and Road Departments.

Road excavations are undertaken for various service channels such as power lines, internet cables, and MNGL, as well as for water supply, rain drains, and sewage disposal systems. With the onset of summer, the volume of such works typically increases. Excavation activities are carried out on main roads, internal roads, and other areas, leading to significant inconvenience for citizens in terms of vehicular movement and pedestrian access. Moreover, inadequate filling of pits post-excavation has exacerbated the problem, resulting in the formation of potholes, particularly during the monsoon season.

To address these issues, Additional Commissioner Vikas Dhakne of PMC has directed the road department to ensure the timely completion of excavation works and review related activities. Failure to adhere to permitted schedules or incomplete road repairs post-excavation will lead to disciplinary action against junior engineers and sub-engineers from the concerned departments, including the road, water supply, and drainage departments.

Expressing concern over the plight of citizens, Additional Commissioner Vikas Dhakne emphasized the importance of completing excavation works within stipulated timeframes and ensuring proper road restoration. Officials failing to meet these standards will face repercussions to ensure accountability and alleviate the hardships faced by residents.