Pune Municipal Corporation Initiates Installation Of Automatic Valves To Enhance Water Supply Efficiency

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Pune, 13th September 2023: In a bid to streamline water distribution across the Pune city and reduce the dependence on manual labor, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has commenced the installation of automatic valves. This ambitious initiative aims to ensure consistent and efficient water supply to all areas while minimizing the involvement of employees.

The Water Supply Department has revealed that approximately 300 automatic valves will be strategically placed throughout Pune city as part of this endeavor.

The ongoing water supply project undertaken by the Municipal Corporation has already achieved significant progress, with approximately 60 percent of the work already completed. This substantial milestone includes the construction of an 850-kilometer water channel, the finalization of 42 water tanks, the installation of 110,000 water meters, and various other essential tasks. Currently, water supply employees manually control valves in each area, necessitating round-the-clock involvement.

This manual intervention often results in uneven water distribution, with some areas receiving excessive water pressure while others experience prolonged low-pressure periods. Additionally, political interference has occasionally disrupted the water supply, prompting complaints from citizens. While such issues are temporarily resolved by the water supply department, they tend to resurface over time.

To overcome these challenges, the Municipal Corporation has embarked on the “Saman Pani Yojana,” which entails the installation of valves on the primary water channels connecting 125 existing and new water tanks across the city. These valves will feature cutting-edge “Actuator” technology and will be integrated into the ‘Scada’ system.

With the implementation of this technology, water supply can be remotely controlled, allowing for precise scheduling of water release and shutoff times. Furthermore, online adjustments can be made to increase or decrease water pressure in specific areas as needed.

Currently, three automatic valves have already been installed on the water tank in Vimannagar, while the installation of two additional valves is in progress in Baner-Balewadi. Plans are underway to install these automated valves at 300 locations across the city in the future.

The cost of a single valve installation is estimated at Rs 1.25 lakh, as informed by Anirudh Pavaskar, Head of the Water Supply Department at the Pune Municipal Corporation.

The implementation of these automatic valves is poised to revolutionize water supply management in Pune, offering a more efficient and controlled distribution system while reducing the burden on employees and minimizing disruptions caused by manual interventions.


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