Pune Municipal Corporation Leads India’s First Waste-to-Hydrogen Project at Ramtekdi

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Pune, 8th March 2024: Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is pioneering the nation’s first project for producing green hydrogen from waste, with plans to establish the facility at Ramtekdi. PMC Commissioner and Administrator Vikram Kumar disclosed that the project’s capacity would be an impressive 350 metric tons.

In response to the Central and Maharashtra State Government’s commitment to green hydrogen as a fuel, PMC has taken on this innovative project. The initial phase aims to produce 0.6 tonnes of hydrogen daily by processing 10 tonnes of waste at the Ramtekdi site. Following the successful completion of this phase, there are aspirations to scale up the project to a substantial 350-tonne capacity.

The hydrogen generated at the Ramtekdi facility is earmarked for supply to the Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML) for use as fuel. Notably, it has been emphasized that the financial burden of this groundbreaking project will not be borne by PMC. Detailed information on anticipated fuel savings and cost reductions resulting from the Green Hydrogen project will be collected.

In addition to this initiative, the maintenance and repair work for the first phase of the ‘Waste to Energy’ 300 MT project has commenced. PMC’s Solid Waste Management department is planning to implement a project with a 750 metric ton capacity in the upcoming financial year. Simultaneously, land acquisition is scheduled in the 23 involved villages for various solid waste management endeavours, including the construction of waste transfer centres and treatment plants. Additionally, there are plans to increase the capacity of the existing 350 MT project at Uruli Devachi wasteland to 500 MT.