Pune Municipal Corporation Seeks Citizen Input For Climate Action Plan

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Pune, 10th November 2023: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is proactively involving its residents in the formulation of its climate action plan. PMC has launched an open call for suggestions, urging citizens to share their insights through a dedicated Google form. Recognizing the value of citizen participation, the civic body aims to prioritize these inputs in shaping the Pune Climate Action plan.

PMC officials are encouraging residents to contribute their perspectives on critical climate challenges and outline key priorities for establishing a resilient Pune. A user-friendly Google form presents a series of questions, allowing citizens to effortlessly express their opinions and actively engage in the planning process. The form is accessible on PMC’s official website and X (formerly Twitter) handle, promoting an inclusive approach that seeks diverse suggestions to enhance the climate action plan’s effectiveness.

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By fostering citizen involvement in this collaborative effort, PMC seeks to develop a comprehensive and community-driven strategy to address climate issues in Pune. Residents are invited to visit PMC’s official website to actively contribute to the creation of a robust and sustainable climate action plan for the city.