Pune: Neighbor Provokes Pitbull, Resulting in Serious Injuries

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Parvati, 24th January 2024: A disturbing incident rocked the Lakshmi Nagar area of Parvati when a disagreement over leash control led to a horrifying dog attack. The complainant, Rohit Mallappa Shinge, had a heated altercation with his neighbor and accused, Ganesh Merurkar, who allegedly provoked his Pitbull dog to attack Shinge.

According to the details outlined in the FIR, Ganesh Merurkar, residing in close proximity to Rohit Shinge in Lakshmi Nagar, owns a Pitbull dog. Shinge had repeatedly observed Merurkar allowing his unleashed Pitbull to roam freely, posing a threat to the residents in the area. Despite pleas from the community to restrain the dog with a leash, Merurkar remained unresponsive.

The FIR narrates that on 21st January, at 10 pm, Shinge became aware of children’s voices and commotion in the locality caused by Merurkar’s unrestrained Pitbull. Witnessing Merurkar berating the children, Shinge intervened and requested Merurkar to leash the dog. In response, Merurkar verbally abused Shinge and resisted any interference.

As the confrontation escalated, Merurkar physically assaulted Shinge by twisting his wrist. Shockingly, Merurkar signaled his Pitbull to attack Shinge, resulting in two fierce bites on Shinge’s right thigh, causing significant bleeding. Additionally, Shinge sustained a fractured wrist during the assault.

In response to this horrifying incident, Shinge promptly filed an FIR against Merurkar. The Parvati Police have taken immediate action, booking Merurkar under Sections 289, 325, and 504 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).