Pune: Now 20% Oxygen Can Be Used For Industrial Purposes – District Collector

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Pune, June 3, 2021: The need for medical oxygen has decreased as the number of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases has declined in the district. Considering the increasing demand for oxygen in the industrial sector, the government has approved the use of 20 per cent of oxygen for the industrial sector, informed Pune District Collector, Dr Rajesh Deshmukh.

Due to the second wave of COVID-19 in the Pune district, there was a requirement of 363 metric tonnes of oxygen as the number of COVID-19 patients had increased.

With the reduction in the number of COVID-19 patients, only 190 metric tonnes of oxygen is required. The district is now producing 355 metric tonnes of oxygen daily. The demand for oxygen outside the Pune division has also declined.

Various plants in the district that extract oxygen from the air have 20 per cent of oxygen left. Therefore, the government has decided to provide the remaining 20 per cent of oxygen to the industrial sector so that the industrial cycle can continue during the COVID-19 period.


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Oxygen producing companies should produce maximum oxygen at their full capacity. About 80 per cent of the total oxygen produced should be used for medical oxygen and supplied to the hospital. Also, the remaining 20 per cent should be used for industrial purposes.

The oxygen should be supplied to the hospitals first on a priority basis and then for industrial purposes. In case of COVID-19 outbreak, 20 per cent of the oxygen diverted for industrial purposes will be transferred to the hospitals.

Suresh Patil, Joint Commissioner, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Pune, has informed that instructions have been issued to use 20 per cent of oxygen for industrial purposes.

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