Pune: Opposition Leader Vijay Wadettiwar Alleges Corruption in Land Development Deal; PCMC Denies Allegations

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Pimpri, 15th December 2023: In a recent development, Vijay Wadettiwar, the Opposition leader from the Congress party, has raised allegations of corruption surrounding the development of a reserved plot of land in the Wakad area of Pimpri-Chinchwad. Wadettiwar accused the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) of bending rules in favour of a builder and highlighted the urgency in granting Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) to the said builder.

Addressing the State Assembly, Wadettiwar claimed that despite PCMC having sufficient funds, it is attempting to develop the reserved land with a builder. The plot, originally designated for a bus depot and truck terminal in Wakad, has reportedly been granted TDR to the builder against regulations.

In response to these allegations, builder Aaditya Javadekar, who owns the 5-acre plot in question, vehemently denied any wrongdoing. Javadekar clarified that his family has owned the reserved land for 25 years and, as per the Unified Development Control and Promotion Regulations, the owner has the right to develop the plot and hand it over to the civic body without compensation.

Javadekar explained his plans for the land, detailing a PMPML terminal and a 21-floor building, which PCMC aims to convert into an IT park for rental income. The builder emphasized the benefits to PCMC, asserting that the civic body stands to gain without any financial expenditure.

Contrary to Wadettiwar’s allegations, a BJP leader suggested that the entire project, costing Rs 598 crore, would result in the builder receiving TDR worth Rs 2,500 crore. Javadekar refuted this claim, stating that the project cost is Rs 567 crore, with the remaining land returned to him by PCMC.

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The PCMC administration also weighed in on the controversy, strongly refuting claims of favouritism and rule violations. Municipal Commissioner Shekhar Singh clarified that the project operates under the provisions of “accommodation reservation” in the Unified Development Control and Promotion Regulations (UNDCPR) introduced in 2020. Singh emphasized that the project, which includes a truck terminal, bus depot, and an IT park generating Rs 5 crore in monthly rent for PCMC, adheres to the regulations and is a mutually beneficial arrangement.