Pune: Padmavati To Bhintade Nagar Nullah Cleaning Begins

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Undri, 27th June 2022: As the monsoon has started, the locals complained to the municipal administration about the increased risk of flooding in the nullah at Pisoli, Taluka Haveli. Finally, the administration has started cleaning the nullah from Padmavati to Bhintade Nagar.


Locals from Pisoli said, “The nullah between Padmavati temple and Bhintade Nagar in Pisoli was filled with garbage, and the stream would have flooded. It is satisfactory that the municipal administration has started their work now.”

Lalita Masal, a local from Pisoli, said, “Last year, due to siltation, the stream flowing from the Padmavati temple was flooded. The place for Dashakriya ritual near the temple got submerged in water. Due to untimely rain, the ritual could not be performed”.


Rajaram Devadkar, Junior Engineer, Municipal Corporation, said, “The stream between Pisoli and Bhintadenagar was not cleaned for many years. As a result, a large amount of waste and plastic has accumulated in the stream. To maintain the flow of rainwater, the stream will be cleaned now. Two GCBs and other employees are working on behalf of the municipal administration. The process of cleaning this stream will be completed by next week.”