Pune: PCMC Launches “Cycle to Work” Initiative, Encouraging Greener Commutes

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Sumit Singh & Varad Bhatkhande

Pimpri Chinchwad, 6th March 2024: In a bid to promote sustainability, ecology, and a healthier lifestyle, the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) is set to launch its “Cycle to Work” initiative, slated to take place every Thursday. PCMC Commissioner Shekhar Singh announced the initiative, urging all PCMC employees to embrace greener and healthier commutes starting March 7th.

Commissioner Singh emphasized the significance of leading by example, stating, “As part of our commitment to sustainability, ecology, and promoting a healthier lifestyle, PCMC is launching its Cycle2Work Thursday initiative. Starting March 7th, all #PCMC employees will be encouraged to pedal their way to the office every Thursday. I too will be working towards doing the same every Thursday! Join us in embracing sustainability and leading by example. Let’s make our Thursday commutes greener and healthier!”

He extended the appeal to the public, inviting everyone to participate in PCMC’s “Cycle to Work” initiative. Every Thursday, individuals are encouraged to pedal to the office, contributing to a greener and healthier commute. The initiative aims to reduce emissions, promote fitness, and create awareness about the positive impact of sustainable transportation.

The initiative kicks off every Thursday, starting from March 7, 2024, with participants gathering at the PCMC Building entrance at 9:45 AM. A group photo with cycles will be taken at the specified time, symbolizing the collective commitment to a sustainable and healthier lifestyle.

As PCMC takes this step towards a greener community, the “Cycle to Work” initiative not only aligns with environmental goals but also fosters a sense of responsibility and shared commitment among the community members. By encouraging cycling as a mode of transportation, PCMC sets an example for other organizations and individuals to consider sustainable alternatives for their daily commutes.