Pune: PCMC Plans Revival of ‘Pay and Park’ Scheme Despite Previous Failures

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Pimpri, 12th January 2024: Residents of Pimpri-Chinchwad are set to face renewed expenses as the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) gears up to reintroduce the ‘Pay and Park’ scheme for the third time. Having failed twice in the past, the municipality now plans to take matters into its own hands by appointing its employees instead of relying on contractors.

The ‘Pay and Park’ scheme, a common practice in metro cities, previously faced setbacks in Pimpri-Chinchwad, with contractors overseeing its implementation on two separate occasions. Despite this, the PCMC is determined to give the scheme another shot, this time opting for a different approach by employing its personnel for parking fee collection.

The initial rollout of the scheme in June 2021 encountered challenges due to inadequate planning. Recognizing the need for adjustments, the PCMC sought assistance from the Police Commissionerate and introduced modifications to enhance effectiveness. However, the second attempt in April 2023 also met with limited success, prompting the municipality to reevaluate its strategy for the third iteration.

While the PCMC administration is in the early stages of preparing a proposal for the third implementation of the ‘Pay and Park’ scheme, no final decision has been reached. Discussions are ongoing, with Vijayakumar Khorate, Additional Commissioner, acknowledging the previous shortcomings and expressing the intent to learn from past experiences.

The failed attempts in the past were marked by disputes between vehicle drivers and contractors’ employees, citizens’ opposition to the sudden implementation of the scheme, and a shortage of parking space in densely populated areas. The upcoming revival of the ‘Pay and Park’ scheme will undoubtedly raise concerns among residents about the potential financial burden and effectiveness of the initiative.