Pune: PCMC Requests 760 MLD Water Reserve from Mulshi Dam for Future Growth

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Pimpri, 13th December 2023: In response to the burgeoning population and the city’s growth trajectory, the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) has formally requested the Maharashtra State Government’s Water Resources Department to allocate 760 million litres per day (MLD) of water from the Mulshi Dam. This proactive step is aimed at addressing the city’s water needs up to the year 2041. The PCMC administration has expressed its willingness to bear the relocation expenses associated with this crucial water reservation.

Over the past four years, Pimpri-Chinchwad has been receiving water supply alternate days. Despite the existing water sources, the city faces challenges, including complaints of low pressure and inadequate water supply to various parts of the city. As of today, the city’s population stands at around 27 lakhs, with water reserves amounting to 777 million litres. These reserves include 510 MLD from the Pavana Dam, 100 MLD from the Andra Dam, and 167 MLD from the Bhama-Askhed Dam. However, the current daily supply to the city is 593 million litres, sourced from Pavana Dam (510 MLD), Chikhali Water Treatment Plant (70 MLD), and Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (13 MLD).

Considering the city’s population growth rate, it is projected to reach 52 lakhs 74 thousand by 2031 and 96 lakhs three thousand by 2041. To meet this future demand, approximately 1500 million litres of water would be required. Recognizing the urgency, the PCMC Water Supply Department has initiated preparations, and in a strategic move, a letter has been submitted to the Water Resources Department. The letter specifically seeks the reservation of 760 MLD from the Mulshi Dam, owned by Tata Company.

The proposed reservation plan suggests allocating 1.50 per cent of the reserved water for industrial and commercial purposes, with the remaining 98.50 per cent dedicated to domestic drinking needs. Shrikant Savane, Chief Engineer of PCMC Water Supply Department, highlighted the necessity of this move, stating, “Considering the increase in population, a letter has been given to the Maharashtra Water Resources Department to reserve 760 million litres of water from Mulshi Dam.”

The success of this initiative now hinges on the decision of the Maharashtra State Government’s Water Resources Department. The evaluation process will likely consider the city’s projected water needs, population growth, and the feasibility of securing water from Mulshi Dam.