Pune: PCMC’s Aggressive Tax Recovery Drive: Warning Issued as 1,012 Property Owners Feel the Heat

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Varad Bhatkhande

Pimpri Chinchwad, 14th February 2024: The Taxation and Tax Collection department of Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) has initiated a robust campaign to address outstanding property tax issues. Currently, 346 properties have been sealed, with confiscation warrants issued for 538 properties. Direct actions have been taken against 1,012 property owners, including tap disconnections for 128 individuals. This proactive approach has caused concern among property owners with overdue payments.

In response to the urgency of the situation, PCMC has issued a warning to escalate the property confiscation drive in the remaining month and a half. The daily target has been set at a minimum of 500 properties, encompassing sealing, asset seizure, and tap connection shutdowns. The goal is to seize or seal all properties with outstanding amounts exceeding 50,000 by March 31. Defaulters, particularly those who have neglected tax payments for 8 to 10 years despite their financial capacity, are urged to take this matter seriously, as it adversely affects the development of PCMC.

Pimpri Chinchwad City boasts a total of 6,15,000 registered properties, including residential, non-residential, commercial, and industrial units. The PCMC, with 17 zones of tax collection, has introduced online payment options and various apps for the convenience of property holders. In the fiscal year 2023-24, 431,000 property owners have contributed a total of Rs 746 crore to the PCMC pockets through tax payments.A substantial number of residential property owners in Pimpri Chinchwad city, totalling 182,665, owe a significant tax amount of Rs. 419 crores. The distribution of outstanding amounts includes Rs. 183 crores owed by non-residential property holders, Rs. 92 crores by vacant land owners, and Rs. 769 crores 72 lakhs owed by other property holders. Despite repeated appeals, residential property owners who neglected tax payments are now facing serious notices, including the possibility of property seizure and auction, along with the sealing of flats.

The breakdown of outstanding assets based on utilization is as follows:

– Residential: 182,665
– Non-residential: 22,165
– Industrial: 1,389
– Mixed-use: 6,526
– Vacancies: 5,402
– Others: 237

The PCMC’s Taxation and Tax Collection Department are using advanced technology to announce foreclosure actions in housing societies with tax arrears. The department also publicly thanks defaulters after they pay their due taxes.

While actions like seizure, sealing, and tap connection disconnection are occurring across the 17 zones of PCMC, the maximum seizures are reported in the Kiwale zone, with only two operations in Pimpri. Notable operations include:

– Akurdi Zone: Aishwaryam Ventures-5, Balaji Heights-7, Sukhwani Corner-1, Siddhant Angan-4, Amma Housing Society-8.
– Thergaon Zone: Scheme Atlanta-II-3, Scheme Atlanta-6, Armada-2, Pune Ville-15, Siracco-21, Plumeria Drive-10.
– Chinchwad Zone: Shri Samarth Flat-4, S.B.Patil/Golande Associates-7, Sanket Nest-2.
– Kiwale Zone: GK Silver Land-1, Tropica-1, Kunal Iconia-1, Sai Kunj-2, Palash Hou. Society-2, Celestial City-2, Kohinoor Grandeur-1, GK Royal Hills-1, Aqua Blue-2, Aqua Marina-1.
– Sangvi Zone: Sai Niranjan-8, Aster 9, Parvati Classic-3, Swapna Shilp-6, Changbhale Heights-17, Sagar Colplex-7, Pimple Sadan-10.
– Charholi Zone: Kingsbury-02, Long Ireland-1, Genesis Expect-4.
– Nigdi Pradhikaran Zone: Chandralok Housing Society-4, Panchsheel Housing Society-3, Bhairavi Apartment-3.

PCMC Additional Commissioner Pradeep Jambhale Patil emphasized, “Expressions of interest have been sought to expedite the auction valuation process for the seized properties. Applications from three government valuers have been received, and their inclusion in the panel will be finalized this week. Following that, a legal auction will be announced. Property owners whose properties have been seized are urged to promptly pay property tax to prevent any adverse actions. I review this matter on a weekly basis.”

According to PCMC Assistant Commissioner and Head of Taxation and Tax Collection Department Nilesh Deshmukh, “In pursuit of the 1000 crore target, the Taxation and Tax Collection Department is making every possible effort. Ongoing appeals are being made through social media and other media channels. Each zone is actively involved in daily seizures and shutting off taps. There’s a specific target to disconnect connections. The campaign will be intensified until March 31. Action is inevitable against residential properties that have not paid taxes for 8 to 10 years, despite their financial capacity. Following the Additional Commissioner’s directives, emphasis is also placed on water tax recovery.”