Pune: Pimpri Emerges As A Thriving Residential Hub, Sparking 10% Surge In Property Values

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Maitrayee Kulkarni
Pune, 11th August 2023: In a revelation that has sent ripples through the real estate landscape, residential properties in close proximity to Pune have experienced an impressive 10% surge in valuation within a span of just twelve months. This remarkable surge in value has been credited to a robust demand originating from the industrial sector, as outlined in an authoritative but undisclosed report.

This report’s insightful data played a pivotal role in an extensive analysis that delved deep into the performance of diverse submarkets within the dynamic real estate sector.

Stepping into the spotlight of this resounding real estate crescendo is Pimpri, an emerging suburb of Pune. Revered for its exceptional connectivity to key sectors of Pune and the surrounding regions, Pimpri has swiftly evolved into a prime and sought-after destination for both discerning homebuyers and shrewd investors alike. Nestled along the National Highway (NH)-60 and intricately linked to the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, the area’s accessibility is further amplified by its seamless integration with crucial arteries such as the Old Mumbai Road and Spine Road.

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