Pune: PMC Issues Fresh Guidelines Related COVID19

PMC Pune
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Pune; March 20, 2021: Pune Municipal Corporation has issued fresh guidelines in a step towards lifting the Covid-19 ban. It has made several changes in the notification issued on March 15 which had banned congregation of people.
However, it has mentioned that till the Centre declares the Endemic, the Disaster Management Act (pandemic) of 1897 will remain active in the city. Those who found violating this act will face the action under its various sections.

Following are the revised guidelines for Covid-19

1. As per the notification issued on March 15, theaters and cinema halls will remain open with 50% capacity. However, no political, religious, social, cultural programmes will be conducted in the city.

2. All the private offices/institutions (expect the health and essential services) will work with 50% manpower.

3. For government/semi-government office, the head of the office should decide about the attendance of the employees. But they must follow the Covid-19 guidelines strictly.

4. Manufacturing units can work with its full capacity. However, it should ensure that the workers are working by following the social distancing norms and use of mask and sanitizers. Work can be divided into four shifts i.e morning, afternoon, evening and night

5. All the offices (private, public and government) must follow these norms strictly

  • No entry without mask
  • Person should be scanned using Thermometer, Thermal-Scanner/Gun, Pulse Oxymeter
  • No person should be allowed inside who shows slightest of the symptoms.
  • Offices should keep hand sanitizers ready for the employees
  • Officers should appoint persons to ensure that the workers/employees are following the social distancing norms
  • All these guidelines will be in effect till Centre government does not declare end of the pandemic. If the person found flouting the norms will face action under Disaster Management act

6. The notification will be in effect till new guidelines are notified

7. It will be binding for all till PMC issues new guidelines