Pune: PMC Issues Notices To Construction Professionals Ignoring Pollution Control Guidelines

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Pune, 22nd November 2023: In response to increasing air pollution levels in Pune, the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) has issued directives to curb pollution, particularly from construction sites. Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has initiated strict measures to enforce these guidelines, issuing notices to six construction professionals who neglected to adhere to pollution control rules.

The city has witnessed a surge in construction activities, leading to elevated dust levels and a subsequent rise in air pollution. The deteriorating air quality poses health risks to citizens, prompting authorities to address the issue proactively. Pune is reported to be facing elevated air pollution levels, reflecting a broader trend in cities across Maharashtra.

Directive Highlights:
– All construction developers have been notified of the pollution control guidelines set by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB).
– Site inspections of various constructions have commenced under the supervision of the construction department.
– Six construction professionals have been issued notices for non-compliance with pollution control measures.
– Orders have been given to enhance the use of mechanical street sweeper machines and water sprinkler systems for cleaning main roads mechanically.
– Water sprinkler systems have been installed at locations where construction materials are loaded and unloaded.
– Barricades and green nets have been installed around construction sites to contain dust.
– Pothole filling on roads is ongoing through the road department to minimize dust pollution.
– Air pollution control systems have been implemented at various crematories, including the installation of electric and gas heaters.

The notices were primarily issued for the failure to implement measures such as enclosing construction sites with sheets, installing water sprinkler systems to control dust, and using green nets on the site. Pune Municipal Corporation plans to conduct inspections at various construction sites across the city, reviewing dust reduction measures and taking appropriate action against non-compliance.

Air Pollution Control Teams:
– An Air Pollution Control Team, overseen by Assistant PMC Commissioners, has been established.
– The team includes officials such as the Deputy Engineer (Civil), Health Inspector, Junior Engineer, and MSF soldier.
– The team is tasked with implementing pollution control guidelines and submitting reports on actions taken.
– Stringent action will be taken against the open burning of garbage and littering by the team.
– A special team appointed by Mahametro is dedicated to controlling dust emissions at the construction site of Pune Mahametro.