Pune: PMC Prepares For Corona Vaccination Of 44 Lakh People; First Phase For Healthcare Workers Begins Tomorrow 

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Sumit Singh 

Pune, January 15, 2021: As per Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), 96 lakh Corona vaccine doses will be required for the 44 lakh people in the city. An elaborate plan is being made for the vaccination drive through 500 booths, informed Pune Mayor Murlidhar Mohol.

He was addressing a press conference at the PMC’s main building to announce the first phase of the vaccination from tomorrow (January 16) for the healthcare workers. “A total of 55,000 healthcare professionals including 11,500 government employees have been registered for the first phase of Corona vaccination. We have received 48,000 doses. So considering 10% wastage, we have received doses for the 22,000 beneficiaries. One person will get two doses. We will get more supplies from the government in the next few days”, Mohol said.

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The priority of vaccination as per Central Government guidelines:

  • Medical service providers 
  • Essential Service (Frontline Workers) 
  • Persons above 50 years of age and diseased people 
  • Normal healthy people 

The vaccination campaign will start on 16th January 2021 at 9 am at eight vaccination centres. 100 registered beneficiaries will be vaccinated at each centre. The eight places designated for the launch of the vaccination campaign are:

  • Late. Jayabai Nanasaheb Sutar Maternity Hospital, Kothrud 
  • Kamala Nehru Hospital 
  • Rajiv Gandhi Hospital, Yerawada 
  • Sassoon General Hospital 
  • Ruby Hall Clinic 
  • Noble Hospital
  • Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital
  • Bharti Hospital 

There are four government and four private hospitals, as above, selected by the state government as per the norms. 

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PMC Additional Commissioner Rubal Agarwal informed, “The vaccine is currently stored at the main immunization office in Narayan Peth. From here, the vaccine will be transported to the vaccination centres in a cold chain. Also, eVIN software is being used for accounting of the vaccine, while CoWIN app is being used for beneficiary registration, vaccination planning, SMS messages to the beneficiaries for vaccination, etc. Only registered beneficiaries will get an entry for vaccination at the centres. Unregistered beneficiaries should not go to the vaccination centre.”

The vaccination centre will have three rooms The first room is a waiting room and the registered beneficiaries will be accommodated in this room and their identity proof will be verified. The second room is the vaccination room where the vaccine will be given to the beneficiary and details will be registered in the Co-Win software. The third room is the observation room where the beneficiaries will be kept under observation for half an hour after vaccination. This unit has been set up for further management of the beneficiary in case of Adverse event following immunization (AEFI). In case of any untoward incident after vaccination, complete treatment has been arranged.

When will the general public get the Corona vaccine in Pune?

In view of the growing size of the city, it is planned to carry out Covid vaccination for a population of about 44 lakh, and 96 lakh doses are required. For this setting up of 500 booths will be planned. Till now 100 vaccination centres have been identified. The Covid vaccine will be given to every citizen as per the guidelines of the government. An appeal has been made to all citizens of Pune to not crowd the vaccination centres. Ordinary citizens will be registered (later through the Co-WIN app) and vaccinated as per the guidelines of the government. It is requested that all people continue to take measures to prevent Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).