Pune: PMC Serves Notice At Midnight And Demolishes House In Morning

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Yerwada, 11th January 2024: Controversy has erupted in Pune over the Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) swift action in demolishing a house in Yerwada, following a midnight notice issued by the Yerwada Police. The house, belonging to Parasdas Ranka in Ganesh Nagar, was reportedly demolished without giving the occupants sufficient time to remove their belongings.

A long-standing dispute between two neighbouring families in Ganesh Nagar, dating back to 2016, led to a complaint about unauthorized construction. The complaint escalated to the National Human Rights Commission of India, which ordered the PMC to take action against unauthorized constructions, including Ranka’s house. The PMC’s Yerwada ward office issued notices to four houses, triggering the recent events.

On Tuesday night, Yerwada police issued a notice to Ranka at 12:30 am, citing concerns about law and order if immediate action was not taken. Subsequently, around 10 am the next day, the PMC’s field office team initiated the demolition, destroying the roofs of two rooms and damage to household goods.

The quick and decisive action by the PMC has raised questions about the urgency in this particular case compared to other unauthorized constructions in the city. Ranka alleges that no time was given to remove their belongings, contrasting with the PMC’s usual avoidance of prompt action in similar situations.

Tulshiram Nagtilak, Assistant Commissioner of the Yerwada Ward Office, explained that the disputes between neighbours in Ganesh Nagar had been ongoing since 2016. Following the Human Rights Commission’s order, action was taken as per the directive. Ranka had reportedly filed a petition against the notice in the district court, but as there was no stay on it, the PMC proceeded with the demolition. Nagtilak maintained that the action was not disproportionate and intentional against Ranka’s house.