Pune: PMC Sets Target To Recover Rs 10 Lakh Fine Daily From People, Mayor Orders To Cancel It

PMC Pune
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Sumit Singh

Pune, 28 August 2021: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) recently issued an order to its officers to collect Rs 10 lakh fine daily from people who do not wear masks and do not observe the social distance. After this order was criticised by the people and traders, Mayor Murlidhar Mohol has instructed PMC to withdraw the order.

The order has been issued by Madhav Jagtap, Deputy Commissioner, Disaster Management, PMC.

Mayor Mohol also said that an explanation has been sought from Jagtap, who issued the order.

Restrictions have been relaxed in Pune as the influence of the Coronavirus disease (COVID19) has diminished to some extent. Crowds can be seen in shops, handcarts, food stalls and tea stalls. However, the rules of social distance are not being followed and many people are walking around without wearing masks. It is necessary to take action against them. For this, staff has been appointed at the field office level and some action has been taken by them.

However, now the order issued by Jagtap has also affected the administration. Collecting a fine of Rs 10 lakh a day is like collecting money at gunpoint. Citizens have expressed the view that the Municipal Corporation should impose discipline but it is not appropriate to take action by setting the target for money.

Meanwhile, the PMC has directed the Assistant Commissioner of the Ward Offices to take this action on the basis of the Disaster Management Act.

“For the last year and a half, Corona has been bothering traders and citizens. Extorting fine at such a time is like spreading terror. The municipal administration is working in ‘Talibani style’. The traders will suffer the most from such an order, so the administration should clarify once and for all whether we should do business or not. We publicly protest against this order”, said Sachin Nivangune, President, Pune District Retail Traders Association.