Pune: PMC Takes Preventive Measures Against Fraudulent Land Deals by Uploading Wardwise Development Plan Road Details Online

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Pune, 28th January 2024: In a bid to curb fraudulent land deals, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has announced plans to upload wardwise details of development plan (DP) roads on its official website. This initiative aims to provide transparency and empower potential buyers with essential information.

Vikas Dhakane, the Additional Municipal Commissioner of Pune, stated, “The details will be posted on the official website of the civic administration. Buyers can use this data as one of their reference points.” This move is expected to serve as a valuable resource for individuals looking to make informed decisions in real estate transactions.

PMC officials highlighted the challenges faced by the civic administration in executing road-widening projects when properties have been developed on the land earmarked for DP roads. The presence of such structures complicates matters, leading to legal hurdles when demolishing these properties, as explained by a PMC official.

The PMC has encountered obstacles in completing roads outlined in the DP since 1997 due to issues stemming from fraudulent land deals and encroachments. This proactive step to make DP road details accessible online is anticipated to mitigate such challenges, ensuring transparency in land transactions and facilitating the city’s infrastructure development.