Pune: PMC To Investigate Persistent Hawker Encroachments on Salunke Vihar Road

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Anaum Shaikh

Salunkhe Vihar, 7th November 2023: In an ongoing battle to curb the presence of hawkers on Salunke Vihar Road in Kondhwa, they have repeatedly resurfaced causing considerable inconvenience to residents and motorists during peak hours. The issue has been escalating, posing a significant challenge for the civic body.

Col. Deepak Kumar (Retd) shed light on the persistence of the problem, stating, “Until six months ago, hawkers would occupy a portion of the road, and cars and bikes parked for vegetable shopping would create a jam-like situation. The PMC anti-encroachment squad would make periodic rounds, often informed in advance by the hawkers themselves. As soon as the squad arrived, the stalls would be temporarily shifted, only to reoccupy the road minutes after the PMC vehicle left. The situation improved with a PMC truck and staff permanently stationed near ICICI ATM, acting as a deterrent to the hawkers and maintaining the desired road width. However, on Sundays and holidays when PMC staff is absent, the hawkers return to their old spots, perpetuating traffic chaos.”

Rajesh Bhojwani, an industrialist and resident, expressed the frustrations of the honest taxpayer, “Encroachments and hawkers are, in effect, an insult and punishment to the honest taxpayer. Shopkeepers pay taxes and fees for their frontage, but it’s unfair when a hawker occupies the same space. What message does this send to the taxpaying citizens? It almost seems as if illegal methods are preferable.”

Hawkers, who had earlier been relocated to the nearby vegetable market close to Nala Park on Salunke Vihar Road, are returning to encroach upon the road, particularly on Sundays and during weekdays when PMC officials conduct inspections. Hawkers have refused to relocate to the designated vegetable market as it is close to a nala which favours snake habitation in that area.

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When Punekar News brought up the issue with Dhammanand Gaikwad, Chief Encroachment Inspector of the PMC Hadapsar-Mundhwa Ward Office, he said “We are planning to visit the site and investigate this matter soon.”

As the saga of hawker encroachments continues on Salunke Vihar Road, residents remain hopeful that a lasting solution will soon be found to alleviate the persistent congestion woes that have plagued the area.