Pune: PMC’s Dialysis Centers Offer Relief at Rs. 400

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Pune, 4th April 2024: Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), in collaboration with social organizations, has established eight dialysis centres across Pune city on a non-profit basis through a public-private partnership (PPP) model. These centres offer dialysis services at a nominal fee of just Rs. 400, benefiting a total of 69,494 patients over the last two years.

Among these centres, PMC owns two dialysis machines, while the remaining six centres are operated by private organizations. Altogether, there are 57 dialysis machines across these centres, with Kamla Nehru Hospital housing the highest number of machines, approximately 50% of the total.

The prevalence of kidney disorders has surged due to lifestyle changes, altered dietary habits, and the rising incidence of conditions like diabetes, leading to an increase in kidney failure cases. India sees around one lakh new cases of kidney disease annually. In response, PMC’s health department has taken proactive steps to ensure regular dialysis services for these patients.

Patients suffering from kidney failure typically require dialysis at least three times a week, a service that can cost two to three thousand rupees in private hospitals. However, PMC’s dialysis centres provide this essential treatment at a significantly reduced rate of Rs. 400, making it accessible to economically disadvantaged individuals.

Dr. Sanjeev Wavare, Assistant Health Officer, emphasizes the affordability and accessibility of dialysis services offered by PMC, facilitating vital treatment for those in need.

Dr. Bhagwan Pawar, Health Chief of PMC, underscores the significance of the PPP initiative, which enables underprivileged patients to access expensive treatments like dialysis at affordable rates. With nearly 70,000 patients benefiting from these centres between 2022 and March 2024, the initiative underscores PMC’s commitment to public health and welfare.