Pune: PMRDA Launches Probe into 200 Building Permissions Over Water Source Concerns

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Pune, 17th January 2024: The Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) is set to scrutinize approximately 200 building permissions granted in the last two months, focusing on their water sources, as revealed by the metropolitan commissioner, Rahul Mahiwal, on Tuesday.

Following the directives from divisional commissioner Saurabh Rao on Monday, PMRDA is now tasked with thoroughly examining the details of water sources before granting construction permissions. Mahiwal emphasized that while all future permissions will undergo rigorous evaluation, the authority will also retroactively assess recent permissions. Inspection teams will visit construction sites that have received approval in the past few weeks. If the water source is deemed unclear or insufficient, permissions may face suspension or cancellation.

“Each case will be individually reviewed, and permissions can be revoked, especially if the complex is unoccupied. We will specifically verify the water sources committed by the developer,” stated the commissioner.

Pune, as the largest metropolitan region in the state, sprawling over 6,900 square kilometers, has witnessed a surge in construction projects within the PMR. Residents have raised concerns about inadequate water supply to numerous new buildings.

“The water sources will undergo thorough scrutiny based on the construction of the complex. Our teams will assess the technical aspects of water availability for the constructions and the water source for the buildings,” added an official. PMRDA is also in the process of developing a comprehensive policy on this matter.

In response to the Bombay High Court’s directives, the divisional commissioner invited citizens on Monday to voice their concerns regarding water supply issues. Approximately 60 citizens participated, sharing their apprehensions and insights on the topic.