Pune Police Advocate for Dedicated Detention Center for Foreigners Facing Deportation or Restrictive Orders

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Pune, 29th January 2024: The Pune City Police have formally approached the Union Home Ministry and the Maharashtra State Home Department, urging the establishment of an independent detention center. This center is proposed to house foreign nationals placed under restrictive orders due to overstaying in India or involvement in illegal activities such as drug trafficking, flesh trade, or cheating cases.

At present, foreign nationals, upon completing their sentences, find themselves compelled to stay at police stations under restrictive orders until their deportation. Pune Police Commissioner Retesh Kumaarr stated, “We have requested a detention center, but as of now, we have not received any response from the government.”

Kumaarr highlighted the inadequacies of police stations in accommodating foreign nationals, emphasizing the need for proper facilities such as food, beds, washrooms, and more. The constraints of space in some police stations further exacerbate the challenge. Kumaarr proposed the establishment of a detention center in either Shivajinagar or Yerwada, emphasizing the importance of proper security measures if permission is granted.

According to officials, in cases of blacklisting or deportation, foreign nationals, ousted from their rented places, often find temporary shelter in police stations until their flight is scheduled. Under these circumstances, a detention center with appropriate facilities becomes a necessity.

In a notable incident from June of the previous year, two Bangladeshi nationals, subject to restrictive orders before deportation, managed to flee from the Sinhagad Road police station premises after an extended stay of almost six months. The duo had been sentenced to four years in prison by a city court for a series of theft cases.

The incident underscored the challenges faced by law enforcement in accommodating foreign nationals with limited resources and the urgent need for a dedicated detention center.