Pune Police Commissioner Vows Strict Action Against Yerwada Police Staff for VIP Treatment to Accused in Porsche Accident

Yerwada Police Station
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Reported by Sumit Singh & Tikam Shekhawat

Pune, 20th May 2024: Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar has announced stringent measures, including potential mass suspensions, against Yerwada police station officers if they are found to have provided special treatment to any accused individuals.

There have been reports of pizzas and burgers being delivered within the police premises for the son of a builder, who is accused of driving a Porsche car under the influence of alcohol and hitting a bike, resulting in the deaths of two IT engineers.

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Kumar added, “Given the severity of the case, the investigation has been assigned to an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) rank officer. To ensure the integrity of the investigation, two blood samples have been sent to different laboratories to prevent any potential misuse of evidence.”