Pune: Police Constable Bitten During Husband-Wife Dispute Intervention

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Ghorpadi, 7th January 2024: In a bizarre turn of events, a police constable found himself bitten on the foot while attempting to settle a dispute between a husband and wife in the Ghorpadi area.

The incident led to the registration of a case against the accused, identified as Sachin Prakash Kakade.

The sequence of events unfolded when the Mundhwa Police Station received information about an ongoing dispute between a husband and wife in the Agwali Chawl area of Ghorpadi. Police Constable Kiran Bansode, stationed at Mundhwa Police Station, was promptly dispatched to the location by control room.

The accused responded with verbal abuse and questioned Bansode’s presence. A physical altercation ensued, with Kakade pushing Bansode, prompting the constable to respond. However, the situation took an unexpected turn when Kakade bit Bansode’s leg during the scuffle.

Now, a case has been registered against Kakade. The charges include obstructing government work and assault. Police Sub-Inspector Anil Binawade is conducting further investigation.