Pune Police gifts helmet to youth who pleaded on Twitter for not taking action

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Shivanee Thote

February 10, 2020 Pune: “Happy to have kept our promise” said Pune Police on February 10 after its promise to gift a helmet to a youth.

This all continued after a twitter user informed the Pune City Police about his accident in which he broke his helmet and won’t be able to buy it this month as he is a student and has finished his allowance.

Showing concern to this, Pune City Police responded to the tweet with a humble manner saying “Since its rose day, we would like to make an exception and gift you something, which will remind you of our love for your safety roz-roz! Your helmet shall wait at our commissioner’s office.”

This tweet was responded in consideration of Rose Day. Also promised the boy to gift the helmet on Monday.

Further, with the tweets many netizens applauded for the Pune Police’s work. One of the Twitter user said, “Too good, excellent this is how the police of any should be charming and loving.”

Pune Police’s twitter account is tremendously in a trend since the same day with their entertaining tweets. This tweet won the heart of many netizens. Many people replied to this tweet with more respect and gratitude.

“Kudos! You are doing great work other departments should also take a lead from your work” a user responded. Some replies were positive for their work, on the other hand, some were showing their concerns over how other people don’t wear a helmet on the roads and the number is huge.

Some users were happy with their active responses on twitter. Also, many users offered roses to the police on the occasion of rose day on Twitter.

On Saturday, the Pune City Police tweeted “Hey, Punekars are you all WIFI’s? We feel so connected to you!”

Pune Police humble tweet to the user layer up 889 likes and 150 retweets and still the number is rising.