Pune Police Go Cashless, Now Fine Can Be Collected Through Online Payment Apps

Pune Police Checking
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Pune, 4th June 2021: Even though the COVID cases come down in Pune, restrictions remain. The state government has now allowed all shops to be open from 7 am to 2 pm. After that, the curfew starts at 3 pm. Breaking the curfew or COVID prevention norms results in paying a fine. However, if one does not have the cash then they are made to pay the fine in private bank accounts.

As a result, Pune City Police has decided to set up a separate bank account for collecting fine through Google Pay and other online payment apps. There are almost 100 checkpoints in the various areas of the city. Police stop vehicles and fine them if they are found roaming out without a reason. Even so, citizens have been complaining against this stance as police are making them pay a fine even if they are out for some important work. Citizens claim that police also fine for the silliest reasons only to complete their daily target.

Commenting on the issue, Crime Branch ACP Surendranath Deshmukh said, “We have received complaints regarding the issue of paying a fine. If the concerned are getting a receipt then ultimately, the amount taken has to go to the account of the police department. It could be a temporary adjustment, it cannot be called corruption.”

He also feels that this is not right even if there are some problems and claims that the police department is working to clear the issue.

Additional Commissioner of Police Dr Sanjay Shinde took cognizance of the issue and now a separate bank account will be set up in HDFC Bank at Bhandarkar Road. The account will have separate codes for each of the 32 police stations, hence, it will be easier to check the amount of fine each police station has received. The system will be up and running in two to three days.

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