Pune Police Officer Disrupts LGBTQ Event, Commissioner Promises Investigation

Amitabh Gupta CP
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Pune, 13th July 2022: The organisers of a recent private “queer event” in Pune have accused the police of harassing them. They claim that on July 9, without a warrant, the police imprisoned 150 or so members of the LGBTQ community inside the event venue for 30 minutes.

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The Mist LGBTQ Foundation organisers claimed that they have written to Pune Police Commissioner Amitabh Gupta to draw attention to the problem.


Shyam Konnur, Founder and Director of Mist LGBTQ Foundation said, “The police are permitted to verify if we have not done something right but our worry is the way they behaved and then proceeded to use homophobic and insulting words. They can cover up by saying they got a tip, but the real cause for concern is how they treat a certain population. Additionally, the law prohibits discrimination.”


The Mist LGBTQ Foundation, in an official letter to the police commissioner, said, “On the evening of July 9, 2022, when the police officer Tejas Chopde dressed in a mufti arrived with a woman and sought entry. When the bouncer informed the police that it was a private LGBTQ event, the officer pushed him, flashed his ID card, and ordered him to turn off the music, using obscene terms like “weirdly dressed people.”


The letter said, “We ask that officer Tejas Chopde be subjected to proper punishment, or please let us know how we can proceed lawfully. We have enclosed images of the involved officers as well as the car number these officers have travelled in.


Konnur stated, “We are expecting a response because we were just able to submit the letter on Tuesday morning. We are looking into receiving assistance from other groups that share our values.”


Amitabh Gupta, the Police Commissioner in Pune, responded to inquiries by stating, “Everyone has the right to dignity. We’re investigating the complaint.”