Pune police officer sponsors boy’s studies, makes him leave criminal gangs

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Sumit Singh

Pune, July 13, 2019 : Assistant Police Inspector Prasad Lonare of Hadapsar Police Station of Pune city police has shown that where there is will, there is a way. Instead of putting a 14-year-old boy behind bars, who was part of Koyta (chopper) gang in Hadapsar, and used to harass people, the police officer got him admitted in a school to wean him away from crime.


Rohit (name changed), who lives in Hardasar area, was pushed to crime due to circumstances. There were many complaints against him of rioting, threatening people. The cops counselled him but there was no change in him.


API Lonare did some background check and found that Rohit had to drop out of school as his mother, who worked as domestic maid, could not afford his education. Rohit started spending time with boy’s in the neighbourhood and some of whom were part of petty criminal groups in the area. He joined them and was getting sucked in crime, when Lonare pulled him away. Now, Rohit studies in class 9th in a school in Manjari near Hadapsar.


Lonare warned Rohit if he returns to crime, he will deal with him as a police officer, and not like a father-figure. Rohit said that he would like to become police officer after completing education.