Pune Police Submit Investigation Report on Kalyani Nagar Porsche Incident to JJB

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Pune, 18th June 2024: Pune Police submitted the investigation report on the Kalyani Nagar Porsche Incident to the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB), one month after the tragic event occurred. The report includes CCTV footage capturing the crime scene and footage from pubs where the minor accused, driving drunk, had consumed alcohol before the fatal collision that claimed the lives of two young IT engineers.

The Juvenile Justice Board now faces the decision of whether to treat the minor accused as an adult and proceed with an adult trial.

In the early hours of 19th May, the son of a prominent builder was driving his Porsche at high speed while under the influence of alcohol. He collided with a two-wheeler, resulting in the deaths of two young IT engineers named Anish Awadhiya and Ashwini Koshta. Following the incident, the minor accused was granted bail by the JJB within 15 hours, with conditions such as completing simple disciplinary tasks like writing a 300-word essay, a decision that sparked national outrage.

Subsequently, Pune Police argued in court for trying the minor accused as an adult. The court directed Pune Police to formally request this consideration from the JJB. Consequently, the minor’s bail was revoked, and he was placed in a Remand Home for Boys. The police were mandated to submit their report to the JJB within one month of the accident, and just two days before this deadline, Pune Police managed to meet the submission requirement.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Sunil Tambe, the investigating officer, stated, “The report contains comprehensive information, including CCTV footage from the incident spot and pubs, statements from the driver and two friends who were with the minor accused in the car at the time of the incident, accounts from friends who were with the minor accused at a party before the accident, and statements from eyewitnesses.”

Following the commission of the crime, the minor accused was taken to Sassoon General Hospital, where his blood sample was allegedly swapped with his mother Shivani Agarwal’s blood to conceal evidence of intoxication. The report indicates that the blood sample was disposed of in a biomedical waste bin. The company responsible for handling biomedical waste from Sassoon Hospital will be questioned by the police regarding the handling of the blood sample.

Regarding the blood-swapping incident, the report revealed that Dr. Ajay Taware, Dr. Shrihari Halnor, and peon Atul Ghatkamble of Sassoon Hospital were allegedly involved in bribery. Atul Ghatkamble reportedly received Rs. 3 lakh near the JJB building and distributed the money further. The report confirms that Vishal Agarwal, the father of the minor accused, provided the funds for these bribes.