Pune Police to Cancel Licenses of Drunk Drivers Amid Surge in Fatal Accidents

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Pune, 10th July 2024: Pune Police have implemented strict measures to curb drunk driving in the city following a surge in fatal road accidents, most of which were caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol. In response, Pune Police have taken an aggressive stance on the issue.

In the past six months, 1,648 people have been booked for drunk driving in Pune. Previously, offenders were only prosecuted for driving under the influence. However, moving forward, any driver found under the influence of alcohol will have their driving license cancelled for three months. Repeat offenders will face a six-month cancellation, and a third offence will result in permanent revocation of their driving license. This information was provided by Rohidas Pawar, Deputy Commissioner of the Traffic Branch of Pune Police.

Pune has witnessed numerous accidents recently, most of them hit-and-run cases, causing widespread fear among citizens. Many residents have expressed concerns, stating that they are afraid to even walk on the roads due to reckless drivers disrupting law and order.


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Pune Police’s new policy aims to enhance road safety and restore public confidence by strictly enforcing the rules against drunk driving.