Pune: Police use facial recognition software for surveillance of Home Quarantine persons

Pune police check people during lockdown.
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Pune, March 27, 2020: Pune Police has developed facial Recognition software system for surveillance over ‘Home Quarantine’ persons in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad cities.


It is helpful to all police personnel to avoid direct contact with these persons and spread of Coronavirus infection. Its major features will be as follows :

Police Commissioner Dr K Venkatesham said that the  selfie-app  based  face  recognition  and  location  tracking  system  enables  a passenger/person  to  register  himself/herself  with  their  details  like  Name,  Phone  Number, Selfie  and  other  relevant  information.


The  person  uploads  his/her  registration  details using  the  app,  following  which  a  verification  is  made  against  the  existing  master  list  of persons/passengers. 


Once  the  registration  is  approved,  the  selfie app  enables  a  passenger  to upload  attendance  in  the  form  of  a  selfie  with  location  tagging  in  realtime. 


This information  is  then  sent  to  a  private  cloud based  server  which  runs  a  real time  Artificial Intelligence  based  Face  Recognition  and  Location  Tracking  algorithm  and  compares against  the  registered  information.

When  the  face  data  and  location  data  match  against the  database,  a  positive  attendance  / update  is  made  into a  dashboard.

If  the  face  or location  data  do  not  match  against  the  database,  a  real time  alert  is  triggered  for  the authorities  to  take  action  for  noncompliance  of  home  quarantine rules . Frequency of  such  an  authentication  and  tracking  mechanism  can  be  tuned  as  per  the  requirement.

The app  can be downloaded from / download_apk