Pune police want to know causes of traffic congestion in your area, participate in the survey 

Pune traffic jam
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Sumit Singh

Pune, December 6, 2019: The Pune City Police Traffic Branch with TeamPlan of ISCF, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, is undertaking a survey to understand the causes of traffic congestion in your area.


TeamPlan from India Smart City fellowship (ISCF) is in the process of developing a dashboard with two sets of parameters, dynamic (real-time) and static parameters, which directly or indirectly affect traffic congestion. These parameters would be ranked based on the experts and will be analyzed using normalizing ranking for each answer choice.


Remember, a small action can make a big difference! In this questionnaire, kindly rank the parameters according to the priority that you feel that affects traffic congestion the most over the other category. Your feedback would make a difference for solving traffic congestion and help the city manager, traffic police and emergency services for efficient and effective management. Also, people will save time and have easy accessibility from one place to another with lesser stress.


What causes traffic congestion in your area? Please rank each of the following causes in order of importance with #1 being the most important cause to #10 being the least important cause. Participate in the survey on this link



People have already started participating in the survey and posted their reviews on Twitter. “Very Good initiative to use SurveyMonkey for the understanding cause of Traffic congestion in my area – I have participated in the survey & answered all the questions – Very keen to know the solution that will be implemented by PTP based on the results of this scientific survey”, tweeted Aniruddha Sahasrabudhe.