Pune Policemen Reunited Missing Girl With Family Minutes Before Fatal Accident

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Bopodi, 8th July 2024: Two policemen on a two-wheeler were struck by a vehicle resulting in one death and one injury on the Old Mumbai-Pune Highway near Bopodi. The incident took place around 1.40 am.

It has been revealed that police constable Samadhan Koli, who died in the accident, had just handed over a missing girl to her parents a few minutes before the accident. He shared a photo of this reunion in the police group, which turned out to be his last. The photo, taken at 1:07 AM, showed the girl, Koli, and his colleague Sanjog Shinde, who is injured and undergoing treatment at a hospital.

Policemen Koli and Shinde, who were on patrol duty, found a girl at a bus stand in the Khadki area around 11 PM. Concerned about a lone girl at the bus stand so late, they inquired about her situation. They took her parents’ contact number from the girl and called them, discovering that her family lived in the Pimple Saudagar area.

Both policemen called the girl’s parents near the bus stand and handed her over after verifying their credentials. Koli and Shinde posted a photo of this on the police group at 1:07 am. Afterwards, they headed to the Khadki Bazar area. As they were coming to the Bopodi area, the accident occurred.

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Police have arrested the accused driver identified as Siddharth Raju Kengar (24). His damaged car has been seized.