Pune: Ponds, Check Dams Built On Hills Prevent Floods In Localities At Foothills

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Pune, 20th July 2022: The Forest Department has constructed ‘check dams’ and forest ponds in the forest areas of the district along with the hills of the city to store the water flowing from the hill slopes during the monsoon season. This year, due to pastures, dams and ponds, it is possible to store water from the top of the hill to the base. This will help prevent soil erosion.


Localities have grown along Taljai, Vetal hill and other hills in the Pune city. Every year during the rainy season, water flows rapidly downhill from the hills and enters the locality. Locals say that if the Forest Department manages the water, the water stored in the societies and settlements can be stored on the hill itself.


Three years ago, the local people criticized that the flood that occurred in the Ambil Odha was caused by the flood water flowing from the Taljai hill. Considering this situation, the Forest Department decided to manage the rainwater on the hills last year.


In the last two years, the forest officials have constructed pastures in the first phase and dams in the second phase at Kothrud, Pachgaon hills under the Bhamburda forest area. A forest pond is built on the top and foot of the hill, and rainwater is stored there.


This year, the soil and rocks flowing from the slope during the rainy season did not come down with the water due to the ‘check dam’ built at various places this year. Apart from this, the forest department claims that water conservation will help to improve ground water level in two-three years. It will also help to increase the water level of the wells in the fields and villages near the forest area.


Along with the work of water conservation, the Forest Department is also implementing a tree plantation campaign with people’s participation.

Forest Pond And Dams Constructed Areas:

Bhamburda: Agalmbe, Taljai, Kothrud
Paud: Materewadi, Mulkhed village, Nande, Mugavade village, Kolawde, Dakhnegaon, Gondabewadi, Bheldegaon, Kolawde

Vadgaon Maval: Nigde, Pachane, Dudhiware, Lonavla

Shirota: Tungarli, Kunenama, Nandgaon, Udhewadi, Takwe, Thoran

Daund: Indapur, Baramati Forest Area

Rahul Patil, Deputy Conservator of Forests, Pune Forest Department informed that “To save lakhs of litres of water flowing downhill slopes and also for soil conservation we have constructed check dams, pastures and forest ponds in the forest area of ​​Pune division during the year. Therefore, during this monsoon season, most of the forest ponds were full of water. It has also succeeded in preventing the soil from being carried away by the water. It will definitely be useful for groundwater conservation as well.”