Pune Porsche Accident: Dr. Ajay Taware Involved in Blood Sample Swap During Long Leave

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Pune, 31st May 2024: Dr. Ajay Taware is embroiled in controversy for allegedly swapping the blood sample of a teenage Porsche Taycan driver. The driver was involved in a fatal accident while Dr. Taware was on long leave.

According to Medical Education Minister Hasan Mushrif, Dr. Taware struck a deal with the minor’s father, a city builder, for Rs 3 lakh to alter the blood sample results.

Minister Mushrif admitted that he had previously endorsed Dr. Taware’s reinstatement as medical superintendent of Sassoon General Hospital in 2023, based on a recommendation from NCP MLA Sunil Tingre. However, Mushrif criticized the former dean, Dr. Vinayak Kale, for not rejecting Taware’s appointment due to his questionable past.

“A minister is not omniscient. It was Dr. Kale’s responsibility to provide feedback on Taware, which he failed to do, resulting in Taware’s appointment as superintendent,” Mushrif stated in Kolhapur.

Dr. Taware had been removed from his position as medical superintendent after being found guilty of negligence in the death of a patient caused by a rat bite at Sassoon General Hospital. Despite being on long leave, Taware allegedly intervened in the blood sample collection of the minor involved in the Porsche incident. Mushrif indicated that police investigations revealed Taware finalized a Rs 3 lakh deal after receiving a call, leading him to contact Dr. Harnol to change the sample.

Mushrif emphasized the gravity of the situation, acknowledging that the department is taking the case very seriously. “Court verdicts often rely on forensic evidence, and altering that evidence is unpardonable. We will ensure that exemplary punishment is given to these doctors to deter such actions in the future.”

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The Medical Education Minister also announced plans for systemic changes to prevent similar incidents from occurring. “We are committed to ensuring the integrity of forensic evidence and will implement measures to prevent tampering,” Mushrif concluded.