Pune: Proactive Traffic Police Incharge Addresses Wrong-Side Driving Issue in Kalyani Nagar

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Kalyani Nagar, 13th September 2023: The Traffic Police Incharge of Kalyani Nagar, Inspector Shailesh Sankhe, has earned accolades for his unwavering commitment to addressing the rampant issue of wrong-side driving by motorcycle riders near the Gold Adlabs Chowk. Sankhe’s resolute efforts to maintain order on the city’s streets and enforce traffic regulations have garnered praise from the community.

In recent times, Inspector Sankhe has consistently demonstrated his dedication to preserving traffic discipline within Kalyani Nagar. His proactive stance against traffic violators, particularly those who selfishly park their vehicles on the footpath and engage in illegal parking, has been commendable. Swift and decisive actions by Inspector Sankhe have sent a resounding message that such violations will not be tolerated, ultimately enhancing road safety and pedestrian-friendly environments. His tireless commitment to upholding traffic regulations not only eases traffic flow but also enhances the overall quality of life for residents.

The catalyst for this recent action was a series of complaints filed by concerned residents of the area. The community expressed gratitude for Inspector Sankhe’s dedication to maintaining traffic discipline and ensuring the safety of their neighborhood. Notably, the surveillance camera in the vicinity has been promptly repaired, boosting the ability to monitor and enforce traffic regulations more effectively.

Wrong-side driving, predominantly by IT company employees, has remained a persistent issue in the locality, posing several disadvantages and risks to all road users:

Safety Hazard: Wrong-side driving significantly heightens the risk of accidents, endangering not only the wrong-way drivers but also other road users, including pedestrians. This compromises the safety of all residents and visitors to Kalyani Nagar.

Traffic Congestion: Wrong-way driving contributes to traffic congestion, disrupting the smooth flow of vehicles and causing frustration among motorists, along with delays in travel times.

Pedestrian Endangerment: Vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians, are put at greater risk due to wrong-side driving. They may not anticipate vehicles coming from the wrong direction, making it challenging to cross the road safely.

Diminished Road Discipline: Wrong-side driving sets a poor example and undermines the general adherence to traffic rules, making the roads less safe for everyone.

In response to these issues, Inspector Sankhe’s proactive actions and commitment to enforcing traffic regulations in Kalyani Nagar have made significant strides towards rectifying this problem. His dedication serves as a beacon for effective law enforcement and public safety, creating a safer and more orderly environment for all residents and visitors to enjoy.