Pune Railway Administration Orders Inquiry Into Food Poisoning Incident Aboard Bharat Gaurav Train

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 29th November 2023: Emergency medical aid was swiftly provided by the Railway Medical Team of Pune Division to passengers aboard the Bharat Gaurav Train, traveling from Chennai to Palitana, at Pune Station.

The Pune Railway Division consistently endeavors to offer essential facilities to passengers, stakeholders, and customers, ensuring medical assistance is readily available in emergencies.

The Bharat Gaurav Train (Train No. 06911), organized by Chandraprabhu Naya Mandir Trust, Chennai, for a religious pilgrimage, had food arrangements made by them for the 1080 passengers on board.

On November 28th at 10:30 pm, the Pune Control office received a message reporting passengers experiencing abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea on Train No. 06911. Responding promptly, Divisional Railway Manager Smt. Indu Dubey was informed.

Recognizing the severity of the situation, DRM Dubey discussed the matter with Chief Medical Superintendent of Divisional Railway Hospital – Pune, Dr. Sajeev N., and devised a plan to address the issue. Simultaneously, all relevant authorities were promptly notified.

A sixty-member team, comprising doctors, medical assistants from Railway Hospital, Sassoon, and Ruby Hall Hospital, supported by commercial and railway protection force staff, was assembled under the leadership of Dr. Sajeev N. The team was equipped with necessary medicines and medical equipment before the train’s arrival at Pune station.

Upon the train’s arrival at 11:40 pm, three teams of doctors and medical assistants administered Electral powder and other medical treatments to approximately 100 passengers suffering from vomiting and diarrhea, following the prescribed protocol. With timely medical assistance, passengers recovered, and the situation was brought under control. The train resumed its journey at 12:30 am, after confirming the passengers’ normal health conditions, and a precautionary control message was sent to the Mumbai Railway Division to attend to the train at Kalyan station.

An inquiry into the food poisoning incident has been initiated by the railway administration.

Naresh Lalwani, the General Manager of Central Railway, announced an award for this commendable work. Divisional Railway Manager Indu Dubey presented the Chief Medical Superintendent Dr. Sajeev N. with the award. The medical team, led by Dr. Sajeev N., and the Commercial and Railway Protection Force teams were applauded for effectively managing the emergency situation.