Pune: Railway Station Masters Protest To Draw Attention To Their Demands

Pune railway station masters protest
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Pune, 11th August 2023: Today, in accordance with the directives of the Central Executive of the All India Station Master Association, a nationwide observance known as “Station Master Power Day” was celebrated across all Indian Railways divisions. The focus of this event was to address the challenges faced by station masters and expedite their resolution. A sit-in protest was organized simultaneously in 68 divisions to emphasize the urgency of resolving these issues.

In Pune, the event featured a motivational speech by Dhananjay Chandratre, a respected figure in the railway community, who ignited the participants’ enthusiasm. Zonal President Ajay Sinha provided effective leadership, ensuring the success of today’s program. Notable figures such as S K Mishra, the General Secretary, as well as Gangadhar Sahu, Krishna Murari, Amit Verma, and others, delivered impactful speeches that resonated with the audience.

A notable turnout of 60-70 station masters actively participated in the protest, engaging in productive discussions with divisional officials. The administration’s response was encouraging and positive, reflecting a willingness to collaborate in addressing the concerns raised by the station masters.

Key Demands Put Forward by the Station Masters Include:

  1. Elimination of Vacancies: Demand for a reduction of vacancies of the station masters to zero, ensuring adequate staffing levels for efficient operations.
  2. MACP Benefits: Urgent implementation of Modified Assured Career Progression (MACP) benefits to provide career advancement opportunities.
  3. Additional Staff: The appointment of a second staff member at all stations to enhance operational capabilities and customer service.
  4. Enhanced Infrastructure: Provision of quality furniture at all stations to improve the working environment for station masters.
  5. Safe Drinking Water: Installation of RO water facilities at all stations to ensure the availability of safe and clean drinking water for passengers and staff.
  6. Supervisor Staff: Appointment of supervisor staff at all stations to support and manage daily operations effectively.
  7. Timely Stipend Payment: Swift disbursement of stipends to staff appointed after 2016, ensuring financial support for all employees.
  8. Implementation of Railway Board’s Directive: Expeditious implementation of Railway Board’s letter number 155/2022 to address pertinent issues within the railway community.

station masters Pune

The Station Master Power Day was not only a platform for voicing concerns but also a constructive step towards forging a stronger collaboration between station masters and railway authorities. The event underscored the dedication of the All India Station Master Association in advocating for the well-being of station masters and the overall improvement of the Indian Railways system.