Pune Rape Crisis Center To Support Rape Victims In Maharashtra 

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Mubarak Ansari

Pune, 31st August 2021: City-based Sahyog Trust has set up ‘Rape Crisis Center’ to provide legal aid and assistance to women who have gone through rape and those who have witnessed such rape cases.


Adv. Rama Sarode gave information about it during a press conference today. She was accompanied by Adv. Surekha Das, Reshma Gokhale, Gaurangi Tajne, Adv. Ajit Deshpande, Adv. Akshay Desai, Shardul Sahare, Trunal Tonpe.


Adv. Rama Sarode said that every person has the right to life, liberty and security. Providing legal aid to women recovering from the mental and physical impact due to rape would not only prevent such crimes against humanity but also help the oppressed women to live with strength, dignity and confidence.


She also declared that the Sahyog Trust in social partnership with MGZ Edutech Pvt Ltd (MyGrowthZone) will provide coaching and counseling to the victims as one of the core competencies.


“We are collaborating to provide support to the victims to overcome their trauma and other negative emotions like anger, guilt, shame or fear. Trauma, if not addressed, can lead to long term behavioural and physiological implications. Our coaching team is qualified and experienced to help victims to rebuild their emotional strength, set positive goals and empower themselves to move on”, she added.


Law intern Gaurangi Tajne while giving information about rape statistics in India and Maharashtra stated that according to the 2019 NCRB report, 32,559 rape cases were reported all over India out of which 2,299 were reported in Maharashtra.


Adv. Surekha Das said that on the one hand, the rate of rape cases is not decreasing and on the other hand, the rate of conviction is negligible. Women also find it difficult to talk about rape when it comes to it because in Indian society, sexual crimes are directly linked to disgrace. Therefore, through the Rape Crisis Center, we will interact with such women and provide them with mental support, counseling for them and their families, said Reshma Gokhale.


Adv. Ajit Deshpande and Adv. Akshay Desai said that they will also explain the court process to the women whose rape cases are pending in the court, alleviate the mental fear of answering the questions and play the role of assisting the public prosecutors in their cases as required.


The rape victims in Maharashtra will be provided with similar help, counselling and guidance over telephonic communication through the phone no. 020-25459777.


Trunal Tonpe will provide information on various schemes for rape victims, their children and families. Shardul Sahare will be in-charge of the research department to help find various judgments, case laws and notifications that will help bring justice to rape victims. Abhijit Patil and Sushma Sawsakade will be in the team to do research and documentation.


“We will provide a safe space to the survivors through support groups. Most women who are sexually assaulted carry the burden of being at fault or feel guilty. Such support groups will create a safe space to discuss and help each other by sharing their experiences. This will help in creating an ecosystem that will encourage fighting their case fearlessly and coping better to get back to normalcy”, Adv Rama Sarode informed.