Pune Registers 51,26,122 Sq ft Of Gross Floor Area Of LEED Certified Buildings During Jan To Oct 2022 Period: Knight Frank India

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Pune, 22nd November 2022: According to Knight Frank India, Pune recorded an addition of 51,26,122 sq ft of gross floor area from 23 new LEED certified buildings during 10M CY2022 (January to October 2022). Out of the new LEED certified buildings, 19 were Platinum and 4 were Gold during the Jan to Oct 2022 period.




YEAR Gross Floor Area
2019 14,61,859
2020 4,66,369
2021 16,88,118
Jan to Oct 2022 51,26,122
2005 to Oct 2022 4,48,77,878


During the year 2021, Pune recorded 16,88,118 sq ft of gross floor area of LEED certified buildings. Whereas only in the ten months of CY2022, the city has showcased a significant growth of above 200% in the gross floor area under new LEED certified buildings over the entire year of 2021. Compared to the pre-pandemic year of 2019, the city has witnessed a massive growth of over 250% so far in 2022.


Correspondingly, the city recorded 4,48,77,878 sq ft of gross floor area from 201 LEED certified buildings since 2005 till Oct 2022.




YEAR No of Bldg added Certification Level
2019 14 7 – GOLD
2020 8 7 – GOLD
2021 10 10 – GOLD
2022 23 19 – PLATINUM
4 – GOLD


On the aspect of India level findings, the gross floor area of LEED certified buildings across the prime 7 cities (NCR, Bengaluru, MMR, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata) was recorded at 3,95,39,770 sq ft during the January to October 2022 period. 137 new buildings were certified across these 7 Indian cities. On the aspect of LEED Certification levels, the 7 prime cities recorded 82 Platinum certified buildings, 49 Gold certified buildings and 4 Silver certified buildings during the Jan to Oct 2022 period.


Highlighting the importance of LEED Certification of buildings, Ms. Sujatha Ganapathy – Vice President – Sustainability and Well Standard Business at Knight Frank India said, “Sustainable architecture and green buildings meeting the needs of a balanced ecology is an emerging and on-demand trend in the Indian and global real estate landscape. As the collective consciousness of the global population leans more and more towards environment-first and socially responsible companies, Indian corporates are also being compelled to respond to the growing attention and trend in non-financial reporting and performance. Investors are keen to assist socially and ecologically conscious businesses in India.”