Pune: Research On New Methods Of Pedagogy By SPPU Department Of Education

Pune University
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Pune, 9th January 2023: Research is going on by the professors of Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) in the process of creating new teaching methods beyond traditional teaching methods. This work is being carried out in the University’s Department of Education project ‘Education Reform’ with the European Union.

Meanwhile, the University has signed 150 MoUs in three years and the Department of Education and Extension has signed many agreements. Also, social activities are being implemented in many departments.

While giving information about this, the Head of the Department of Education and Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University, Sanjeev Sonwane, said, “Four universities in India and four universities at the international level are working on this project with the European Union, and one of them is SPPU. Taking the topic ‘Impact of Fourth Industrial Revolution on Indian Society’, new teaching methods are being developed beyond the traditional teaching method.

Dr Sanjeev Sonawane, Dr Vaibhav Jadhav, and Dr Nisha Valvi are working on this subject. Students of the department are also going to different countries for research in this project and learning about the teaching methods there.

Giving information about this, the professor of the department, Dr Vaibhav Jadhav, said, “Through the agreement with the University of South Eastern Norway, exchange of professors and students, comparative study of the teaching method between the two countries is done and ‘e-content’ is created. Also, some online programs like teacher training for a sustainable future are being conducted.”

He further informed, “An online course has been started on the subject of child education through an agreement with the University of Melbourne. Mainly, this syllabus is designed according to the guidelines of the National Education Policy (NEP). An agreement with the University of Oulu in Finland will also allow students and professors to visit each other’s universities to conduct research. Global citizenship, life skills, etc are being worked on globally in pedagogy on this occasion.”

The Department of Education has entered into an MoU with Dhruv Education and through that, a certificate course has been started on the subject of inclusive education for disabled students. Since 2008, the department has had a centre for blind students through which free computer and Java web development courses are conducted for blind students.

Dr Sonawane said, “At present, the department is running two master’s degree courses in education and one integrated degree course. Two more combined degree courses will be launched in the coming year.”

“So far, the Department of Education and Extension has developed 22 new world-class teaching techniques and teaching ability measurement techniques through MoUs with universities in Norway, Finland, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Germany, European countries, and Australia,” said Dr Sanjeev Sonawane, Pro-Vice-Chancellor.