Pune: Residents Fear for Safety After Child Attacked In Housing Society By Stray Dogs in Handewadi Area

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Pune, 21st December 2023: In a distressing incident at Kumar Pebble Park Housing Society located in Handewadi, Pune, the serenity of the locality was shattered when a child fell victim to a stray dog attack. This unsettling occurrence has prompted an outcry for immediate action from concerned residents and community members.

The incident, witnessed by Ashish Jain, highlighted the apparent inefficiency in handling the stray dog population, raising grave concerns about the safety of residents, especially children and elders. Jain expressed dismay at the situation, emphasizing that despite regular feeding, the dogs had turned aggressive, resulting in the unfortunate mauling of a child.

Jayant Raghute, another resident deeply alarmed by the incident, called for stringent measures from the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) to address the burgeoning issue. He stressed the urgency for PMC intervention, urging strict actions to prevent such harrowing incidents from recurring in the future.

Echoing these sentiments, other community members expressed their fear and anxiety regarding the safety of their families. They implored the PMC to take swift and decisive action against both the dog feeders and the stray dog population itself, emphasizing the imminent danger posed to residents.

Jai Singh, echoing the collective plea for immediate attention, urged PMC to take proactive measures to safeguard the residents of Kumar Pebble Park Society. Stressing the need for swift and effective action, Singh highlighted the imperative to protect the vulnerable, particularly children and the elderly, from further potential attacks by stray dogs.

The escalating concerns within the Kumar Pebble Park Society demand urgent intervention from PMC authorities. Residents are anxiously awaiting a comprehensive and effective resolution to mitigate the risks posed by the increasing aggression of stray dogs.