Pune Residents Flock To Laxmi Road, Tulshibaug, Mandai For Diwali Shopping

Tulsi baug Pune
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Pune, 5th November 2023: As Diwali approaches, Pune residents made the most of the final Sunday before the festival, resulting in bustling streets in the Lakshmi Road, Tulshibaug, and Mandai areas. The shopping rush led to disruptions in traffic, particularly in the Bajirao Road and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Road areas, creating extensive traffic jams.


Throughout Sunday morning, clothing shops on Lakshmi Road, RB Kumthekar Road, Tilak Road, and the Phadke Haud area were inundated with shoppers. The electronic market also witnessed a significant surge in visitors. Additionally, citizens gathered in the Bohri Aali area of Raviwar Peth to purchase decorative materials, although the narrow roads posed challenges for pedestrians.


Many shoppers opted to visit stores in family cars to facilitate the transportation of their purchased goods. However, the parked vehicles on both sides of city roads contributed to the congestion, particularly along the riverbed, affecting traffic on NC Kelkar Road. To manage the situation, authorities implemented one-way traffic measures in certain areas to alleviate the congestion.


Shops selling electrical goods near Shree Pasodya Vitthal Mandir Sansthan in Budhwar Peth added to the festive ambience by adorning their stores with colourful lights to attract customers. The demand for decorative items also soared, leading to a crowded market. While the police had implemented traffic management measures, the substantial influx of shoppers contributed to the market’s bustling atmosphere.