Pune Residents Launch Petition To Curb Noise Pollution During Ganesh Festival

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Pune, 30th September 2023: Residents of Pune have initiated an online petition to address the escalating noise pollution during the ongoing Ganesh festival. The petition aims to enforce strict guidelines on noise levels and calls for designated areas for celebrations. The move comes in the wake of numerous complaints about the festival exceeding decibel limits, causing disturbances and affecting the well-being of the community.

The Ganesh festival, a significant cultural event in Pune, has recently come under scrutiny for its excessive noise levels. Residents claim that the constant noise pollution has become unbearable, affecting their daily lives. The situation has prompted a group of concerned citizens to start an online petition, urging authorities to take immediate action.

The Supreme Court has already set strict guidelines regarding noise pollution. Mandals or groups that do not adhere to these rules risk having their permissions revoked. The petitioners argue that the true essence of the Ganesh festival, as envisioned by its founder Balgangadhar Tilak, was to promote peaceful celebrations like aarti recitals, rangoli, and drawing competitions.

The petition also highlights various Hindu teachings and principles that emphasize peace, respect, and non-disturbance to the public. These include Shanti (peace), Samman (respect), Ahimsa (non-violence), Satya (truthfulness), Asteya (non-stealing), Daya (compassion), Kshama (forgiveness), Dhriti (courage), Saucham (cleanliness), and Santosha (contentment).

Over the years, the festival has transformed into a loud affair, leading to numerous incidents of deaths, thefts, and harassment. The lack of discipline and adherence to norms has raised concerns among residents, making immediate action imperative.

The petition, started by Charan Bhawnani, urges victims of noise pollution to sign and raise awareness about this critical issue. The organizers hope that media coverage will help them reach a wider audience and garner more support for their cause.

The petition can be accessed and signed here.

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