Pune: Residents of Mohammadwadi Express Concerns Over Drainage and Road Woes

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Pune, 9th July 2024: Mohammadwadi residents are facing significant challenges with overflowing drainage and poorly constructed roads, exacerbating their daily woes and safety concerns.

Several key areas in Mohammadwadi are particularly affected:
– Drainage issues near Axis ATM at S M Ghule circle.
– Drainage problems near Backstage Lounge.
– Roads from Tribeca Mall to S M Ghule chowk.
– Roads extending from SM Ghule chowk to Raheja Premiere.

Prominent social worker Jaymala Dhankikar highlighted the severity of the situation, stating, “Drainage and road conditions are critical issues affecting our community. Despite paying substantial taxes amounting to Rs 200 crore to the PMC, residents are neglected. We demand urgent allocation of Rs 100 crore for prioritized development of road and drainage infrastructure. The prolonged overflow of drainages poses serious public health risks, and the PMC’s indifference is unacceptable. We have appealed to the Chief Minister’s Office to register an FIR against the PMC for endangering citizens’ lives.”

Daljeet Goraya, a resident of Ganga Kingston, expressed frustration over the PMC’s approach to road construction amidst the monsoon season. “It is perplexing why the PMC initiated road construction during the monsoon, causing unnecessary traffic congestion and inconvenience to commuters. The slow progress and improper dumping of heavy concrete have raised safety concerns as roads are being elevated beyond standard guidelines. We demand adherence to the Development Plan (DP) for systematic road development. The PMC’s inefficiency and disregard for residents have severely undermined their trust,” Goraya emphasized.